Breakdown FM w/ Davey D on All Day Play Radio: Episode 5: Give the Beats Some Room & Let Them Breath

We kick off 2010 w/ Breakdown FM on All Day Play radio with a nice set of classic  joints to get you through the day… How many of y’all remember Mantronix ‘Got to Have Your Love’ ? Masta Ace ‘Born to Roll’ ? or  MC san & marley’s ‘The Bridge’… Also featured in this show is an interview we did with Roots drummer Questlove.. Enjoy the set..
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Episode 5: Give the Beats Some Room & Let Them Breath

01-Around the Way ‘Really Into You’
02-Nas ‘I Can’
03-Master Ace-‘Born to Roll’
04-Mary J Blige w/ Game ‘Hate it or Luv It’ (rmx)
05-Mack 10 w/ Ice Cube & WC ‘Connected for Life’
06-Snoop Dogg ‘Gin & Juice’
07-MOP ‘Ante Up’
08-MC Shan w/ Marley Marl ‘ The Bridge’
09-Truth Hurts w/ Rakim ‘Addictive’
10-Tribe Called Quest ‘ Hot Sex’
11-Neptunes ‘Frontin’
12-DJ jazzy Jeff w/ Fresh Prince ‘ Touch of Jazz’
13-Soul II Soul ‘ Back 2 Life’
14-Mantronix ‘Got to Have Your Love’
15-Notorious BIG ‘Nasty Girl’
16-Foxy Brown ‘Bad mamma jamma’
17-Mark Ronson ‘ Ooh Wee’
18-Missy Elliott ‘Work It rmx
19-Main Source ‘Looking at the Front Door’
20-LL Cool J ‘Jinglin’ Baby’
21-Brand New Heavies ‘I Don’t Know Why I Love You’
22-Menehan Street band ‘ Tired of Fighting’
23-Interview w/ QuestLove of the Roots pt1
24-Mos Def w/ The Roots ‘ Rising Down’
25-Interview w/ Questlove of the Roots pt2
26-The Roots ‘Don’t Feel Right’
27-The Roots ‘ The Next Movement’

Let us know what u think..

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