An Interview w/ Eternia-Download Here Mixtape

An Interview w/ Eternia-Download Here Mixtape

by Rebecca B-Fresh McDonald

Eternia, named Silk-Anne Semiramis Kaya by her mother, is from Toronto, and she splits half of her time between Queens, NY & Toronto (Rexdale). I sat down with Eternia to talk shop before she hits the road hard for promotion and touring in 2010 (see “At Last” project below).

B FRESH: For those out there who aren’t farmiliar with your work, what is your craft?

Eternia: I’m an emcee. Hip Hop Artist. Lyricist. Fill-in-the-Blank-Here. But I do a lot more than rap. I love, live, breathe, learn, grow…..

BF: Tell us 5 things that no one knows about you:

E: 1) I only listen to, like, 3 new rap albums a year. (on repeat, for years…) 2) I love Muse. 3) I havn’t been in a serious relationship in almost a decade. 4) I love 30 Rock. But I prefer to watch things on my own, limited, time schedule, so TV & me don’t mix. 5) If I could, I’d only make music with close friends. I view the music I make like my children, and I view unreleased, lost songs like ‘dead babies.’ I have a lot of dead babies. That’s why I’m always uncomfortable working with random people… it’s like having casual sex w/ a stranger and creating a baby outta the situation. Not a good look.

BF: What do you have planned for 2010?

E: “AT LAST”… At Last! (hehe). MoSS and I created this album together, and we both are equally passionate about the outcome. It’s been a long time coming… 2007 is when we started, to be exact. We’re dropping the album spring of this year. So that’s my 2010 in a nutshell.. touring, promoting, and generally being a worker bee for that project.

BF: Where can people reach you?

E: Pick a site, any site:

BF: Any last words?

E: Minneapolis! I rocked B-Girl Be there in Sept and I really wanted to move there after what I saw and felt! Shout out to DJ Sav One at, for his friendship & the crazy man hours he’s been putting in. Shout out to positive, independent-minded folks who support good indie music (female or male, hip hop or not) Worldwide.   And to YOU, B Fresh, and this site, for having me on it.

–To see photos of B-Girl Be (by B FRESH Photography and Media), featuring Eternia,  follow these links:

Check Eternia and Chesney Snow (beatboxer), Colin Dean (bassist) & DJ Boo (also a percussionist) rockin’ out at SXSW this March in Austin, Texas.  If you in the area, this is a show you do NOT want to miss- they will be performing unreleased material.  This is family to Eternia, and she is inviting you into her house.

Her team also sends out regular email blasts with new videos, songs, photos & new/press. If you’re interested, email: to get put on.

DOWNLOAD her mixtape “Get Caught Up” HERE, featuring cover/back photos by B FRESH Photography and Media!



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