Comedian Paul Mooney Goes In on Beyonce & Taylor Swift-Praises Kanye West

This is pt3 of our interview w/ comedian Paul Mooney.. Here he talks about his new book.. ‘Black is the New White’. He also praises Kanye West and goes hard on Beyonce and Taylor Swift. He also talks about who should be the next Black president .. Mooney is on fire…

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2 comments on “Comedian Paul Mooney Goes In on Beyonce & Taylor Swift-Praises Kanye West

  1. He is soo right on beyonce’! Everyone knows she bought her way in, after JHud had to turn down the offer (after her family was killed, she didn’t have it in her to accept the offer to sing for the first couple). Beyonce’ was NOT, i repeat NOT asked, she and her daddy bought her way in. Jennifer Hudson was whom they originally wanted. Etta probably would have had a shot if Beyonce’ and her daddy wouldn’t have forced her in the way she had. AND the fact people keep saying it was a ‘once in a lifetime’ chance for her??? She sang at President Bush’s inauguration and even campaigned for him, back then, so she didn’t deserve to be there, she is a party jumper, she doesn’t believe in what Obama believes in, otherwise she’d be giving her money to the poor rather than spending $50,000 on 1 single purse or close to $1 million on getting a cell phone ‘bedazzled’ with diamonds, as she has done in the past. She’s a bucking horse that can’t out-sing any real artist, and anyone that isn’t tone deaf and truly honest, would know that.

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