Ethnic Cleansing: Blacks Under Attack and Being Run out of Town in Italy


This incident is a painful reminder of what seems to take place all over the world and throughout various times in our history. It wasn’t too long ago that we heard of African students in China being chased down and beaten by angry mobs who felt like China should only be for Chinese. We hear disturbing stories of Nazi skinheads terrorizing the subways and buses in Moscow looking for Immigrants who they call Black. If they actually find someone who is Black the beatdowns they administer are even worse. Here closer to home in LA we’ve heard of the ethnic cleansing campaign that was put in motion by Latino prison gangs who were pushing for Black folks to be eliminated. Places like Highland Park , Hawaiian Gardens Torrance and parts of Compton to name a few hot spots had become hostile for African-Americans. This drama makes the petty rap beefs seem even more childish..With respect to this article, the first thing that popped in my head was Bensonhurst brooklyn and all the scuffles that would take place if residence from the largely Italian neighborhood caught Black folks passing through. We remember Yuself Hawkins

-Davey D-

Migrants leave Italian town amid violence

By Richard Allen Greene, CNN 

(CNN) — The message blaring out of the speakers on the van was stark: “Any black person who is hiding in Rosarno should get out. If we catch you, we will kill you.”

Abdul Rashid Muhammad Mahmoud Iddris got out.

He’s one of hundreds — perhaps thousands — of African migrants taken by bus out of the Italian town over the weekend after violent demonstrations shook southern Italy.

The unrest was among the worst of its kind in recent Italian history, said a spokesman for the International Organization for Migration.

“We have not witnessed such protests in a long time,” said Flavio Di Giacomo. “There were several thousand, but I don’t know exactly how many people were involved.”

Interior Minister Roberto Maroni got involved Friday, declaring an “immigration emergency” and forming a task force under the authority of regional police to guarantee public order.

It was the shooting of an African migrant that sparked two days of protests, Iddris told CNN by telephone from Italy. He said the shooting was unprovoked. Police said they were investigating the circumstances of the shooting.

Iddris lived with other migrants in an abandoned factory outside Rosarno, he said.

On Thursday, a BMW pulled up outside the factory, a man got out, shot one of the Africans living there, 26-year-old Ayiva Saibou, and drove off.

A passing policeman told Iddris and his friends it was not his job to help the wounded man, so they called the Red Cross to take the man to a hospital for treatment, Iddris said. Press reports said Saibou — who is a native of Togo with regular working papers — was shot with a compressed air gun.

A few hours after the shooting, a group of about 300 immigrants poured into to the street where the incident took place earlier. “They put on an angry demonstration, hampering the free circulation in the streets, damaging garbage bins, hitting with sticks and rocks numerous passing cars,” according to a police report.

Iddris and his friends then decided to march to Rosarno’s town hall to protest.

“About 2,000 people came — all of us,” he said. “It started about 6 or 7 in the evening, a few hours after he was shot.”

But police forced the demonstrators to turn back, threatening them with tear gas, Iddris said. Six or seven people were arrested, he said.

Police attempted talking with the immigrants, but negotiations did not produce positive results, according to a police statement.

The next morning, Friday, the immigrants tried again, playing drums as they tried to march from the factory to Rosarno’s town hall, he said.

That’s when they heard the warning.

“People took a van, an information van with speakers, saying any black person who is hiding in Rosarno should get out, if they catch anyone they will kill him,” Iddris said.

Iddris — who is originally from Sudan and has been in Italy for about 18 months, first as an asylum seeker and then without legal documentation, and who picks oranges in season — said police arrested another 10 to 20 people at Friday’s demonstration.

Italian press reports said the demonstrators had burned cars.

Later on Friday, Iddris said, police arranged for buses to move the Africans away from Rosarno to another village.

But the new location was no safer, he said. Police had to keep locals and migrants physically separated Saturday.

“They said they would take us to another place. They said it’s dangerous now for blacks to stay there,” he said.

Hundreds of people were driven north to Bari on Italy’s east coast and Naples on its west coast, Iddris said. He was on one of six buses, each with 45 to 50 people, taken to Bari.

“Right now we don’t know what is next,” he said Monday.

Pope Benedict XVI spoke out against the violence in his weekly address on Sunday.

“An immigrant is a human being, different by background, culture and tradition, but a person to be respected,” he said.

“Violence must never be a way to resolve difficulties,” he said, urging people “to look at the face of the other and discover that he, too, has a soul, a story and a life. He is a person and God loves him just as He loves me.”

Di Giacomo, the International Organization for Migration spokesman, said Italy has many migrants, often from Africa, living in conditions bordering on slavery.

The migrants who demonstrated last week “were exploited. They were just paid 20 euros (about $29) per day and they lived in slums, the same as slavery conditions. A few months ago in (the southern Italian region of) Campagna we discovered a similar situation. It’s unfortunately a reality in many places, especially in southern Italy.”

Italy is one of the top European destinations for migrants, the migration organization’s figures show. More than 3.6 million legal migrants live in the country — 6.2 percent of the total population — and Italy has the European Union’s highest annual growth rate of migrants, along with Spain.

It’s hard to know exactly how many illegal immigrants there are in the country, Di Giacomo said.

“It is not controlled in any way. They change the area where they work because of the season of the year — oranges in the winter, tomatoes in the summer,” he said. “With economic migrants, many of them arrive with tourist visas and overstay seeking work. They can arrive in so many ways,” including paying traffickers thousands of dollars to smuggle them into the country.

Not all the workers involved in the demonstrations were undocumented, he said — but the line between legal and illegal can be porous.

“Some have lost their jobs, and in Italy if you lose your job you have six months to find work or you become illegal,” he said.

Italian media have speculated that the Mafia was behind the shooting that triggered the violence.

But Di Giacomo said it was not important whether they were or not.

“We don’t know if the Mafia is involved, but the point is not really the Mafia,” he said. “The point is that the conditions for these migrants are so inhuman that they can lead to some violent reactions.”

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13 comments on “Ethnic Cleansing: Blacks Under Attack and Being Run out of Town in Italy

  1. illegal humans on a planet we all come home — when in Rome in search of a home, keep on the move cause blacks will only be used–motherland raped, children scattered to the wind, what will be the fate of the Global African?

  2. How sad. All dark complected Italians with dark, course hair are part black. Anthropology has proved it. And, notice, these are usually the Italians who have the biggest problem with blacks, both in Italy and here in the states. Self hate? It’s just like the Mexicans who dont’ like blacks. Most of them are darker complected Mexicans from Northern Mexico, desert dwellers. The Mexican gang members in Los Angeles tagging “Fuck Niggers”. Take a look at their complexion. They’re very dark complected. If you go to LA you see a lot of Mexicans who are so dark that they look black until you get within 10 feet of them and see the straight hair and Euro spanish features under their dodger hats. Light complected white people at this day and age have a different kind of racism, more institutional. But it seems the darker complected whites and Latinos are stuck in this early 20th century hatred of people darker than them. A real self hate complex. We all live in a system where white is better. No matter how much pride ethnicities have in the western world, the more white you can look and act will always be considered a standard. Look at all of the black actresses and singers today with long, straight blonde hair. People have to learn to love themselves and be proud of who they are, while ridding themselves of their own hatred and holding themselves and people of their race accountable for their evils, and this means white people too. Reginald Denny didn’t deserve a beat down anymore than an innocent black man being beaten by racist whites. Right now, nobody’s holding up their end of the bargain. And like I said, this includes white people. Most white people want the clean slate, to pretend that slavery and such never happened, since they didn’t own any slaves themselves. But they live in a country built on slavery and genocide (Indians), so they have to own up to it.

  3. Like the great Steve Biko said,”Blackman you are on your own”. Whether on the motherland or across the diaspora, the sooner we realize that nobody gives a shit about us, except us, the sooner we would advance as a race. Wherever we go as blacks, we find ourselves always wanting or rather begging for acceptance and intergration within societies, systems or religions which are by their very nature hostile to the negroid. The Black Messiah, Marcus Garvey, always emphasized the importance of us as a race doing for self, intergration will not earn us the respect and honor we deserve as descendants of the starters of Civilization as we know it. We should stop looking at other races for our own salvation, fuck em`, time to do it for our own. Look at the Indians, wherever they go, they develop their own socities within existing socities, establishing their own businesses, schools, temples & mosques, and solely supporting them, hence they are able to advance. Ideally we should have our own lands, where only blacks live and trade, without other races interfering, but untill then, we have to learn to be self-sustaining within these various bigot-infested societies. I think one of our biggest hinderance is these niggers who have acquired a little bit of wealth, they have no love or vision for their own people, all they want to do is intergrate with krackers, fatously forgetting that these same krackers know very well the importance of putting their own race first. When will these dumb niggers learn, that in the greater scheme of things, each race has to toil & struggle for its own survival?

  4. Yeah, this schtick has been getting old. Need to take care of our own and quit waiting on others. The recent situation in Haiti should be the icing on the cake…

  5. This is yet another plan of the globalists. Allow immigration laws to be broken, work illegal immigrants for meager wages under the table, its a form of modern day slavery. Thats why LA is a 3rd world country and has been since Villa Raigosa has been mayor.

    This will be happening all over Europe, and the USSA. Get used to riots. Stay strapped.

  6. Some harsh realities.
    If you are black focus on your melanin based spirituality.
    Look at Bobby Hemmitt, brother panic, aseer the duke of Tiers, phil valentine etc
    Use melanin inside you to develop your spiritual powers and liberate yourself.
    You cant waste any more time and energy worrying too much about black people who refuse to wake up and want to keep wallowing in their lethargy.
    Tune out the racist crowd also. The spiritual power is the only solution at this time. No other way.
    This world is heading towards a new age. An age where only spiritual people will get through. The zombies regardless of skin colour are doomed

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  8. For white peolpe its not how you look that matters. The majority of us really dont take that into consideration when deciding if we like someone. The big BIG thing is how you act. If you are arrogant and ignorant with a big mouth we are going to think of you as a nigger.

  9. Blacks do not belong in Italian why do they go there? it’s the same all over Europe you’re there for one thing and that’s to cause trouble. Go stay in your homeland of Africa instead of destroying our lands.

  10. My familia lives in south Italy and I grew up there. The nigerians are ruining the country, violence, riots, murders, drugs, prostitution. Why? Why can’t blacks act like human beings for once.

  11. It’s the same old story over and over. Sure, Italians don’t want Blacks in their country – one so rich is culture, art, and pride in knowing that the country they’ve founded is one to be proud of and enjoy. Along come the Blacks. Every time Whites establish a nice neighborhood, city…or country for that matter, here come the Blacks to fuck it all up. Unlike the Scandinavians – who are too liberal to see what’s happening to their countries with the invasion of Muslims, bringing terror to their streets – the Italians have a more cohesive sense of loyalty and pride in their country and are just fine without invading Bantus or Zulus. I say more power to ’em. Send them packing their bags back to the Congo.

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