Sights & Sounds from the Oscar Grant Memorial-One Year Later We Still Remember


There was a memorial for Oscar Grant, a 22 year old father who was murdered by BART police a year ago while he laid face down, unarmed on a subway platform with his hands behind his back. Many people from the community came out and spoke including his mother Reverand  Wanda Johnson and city council Desley Brooks who got into the ass of the BART officials who did show up…Here’s some of rthe sights and sounds from that day

Oakland City Council member Desley Brooks is not one to ever hold her tongue especially in the face of injustice. Here she smashes on the people who run BART for trying to give flowers to the family of Oscar Grant when they opposed every step the community took to seek justice for his murder by former BART police officer Johannes Mesherly

More sights and sounds from this past weekends Oscar Grant Memorial at Fruitvale BART. here Oscar’s Uncle Bobby speaks along with Jack Bryson who is the father of the two boys sat on the platform w/ Oscar that night. Oscar’s daughter Tatiyana was presented to the crowd. Also throwing down was Minister Keith Muhammad who let everyone know what time it is…

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One comment on “Sights & Sounds from the Oscar Grant Memorial-One Year Later We Still Remember

  1. “it’s not ok to kill our children”– this is probably the most salient comment which has been made on this issue to date. desley is on point 100%. i’m glad we have elected officials like her, who actually care about the community….

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