Comedian Paul Mooney Tells Obama Haters to Fallback-Respect the First Black President


Comedian Paul Mooney is never at a loss for words..Here the former joke writer for Richard Pryor and later everyone from Dave Chappelle to Chris Rock lets loose about his opinions on President Barack Obama. He is currently promoting his new book.. Black is the New White. He also takes us down memory lane to remind us 30 years ago he and Richard Pryor did a skit about the first Black president.

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13 comments on “Comedian Paul Mooney Tells Obama Haters to Fallback-Respect the First Black President

  1. Anyone who thinks the white presidents looked out for white people will be shocked to learn that a black president could give a f*ck about black people. Obama to urban youth: you are poor because your daddy didn’t pull up his pants. F*ck that. Pardon my language.

    Paul Mooney is old. The world starts from here, and if anything is clear its that Obama will sell out any black person to faithfully, and genuinely, serve with all his abilities what we used to call white power. Welcome to America – where the worst crimes are always committed while citing the highest principles.

    White president, black president – it’s the empire.

  2. Thank You very much for doing this very insightfull interview with Mooney. I used to like him as a comedian. Now i Have No respect for that clown at all. He too must be a black communist.

    His blind loyalty to what will be the worst president in the history of presidents is sickening. In his eyes Obama is above criticism or being takin to task. That is complete bullshit.

    The hip hop nation was made by speaking truth to power. It is sad to see the hip hop nation is now just a nation of brain washed communists who worship occult crap without even being aware of it.

    Good work Davey D

  3. How is that the Prez feels that he cannot speak to Black issues in regards to what we need, because he is representing all of the U.S. citizens. Yet he can speak about Black issues freely when it comes to correcting us. the move to appoint the first transgender person, who was that to appease?

  4. You may not agree with Paul Money, but his point is valid, they created all of these rules so that no one could speak out against Bush, I can’t think of the bill where they asked us to give up our personal freedoms, but the world and media were set up where no one could challenge Bush especially on Iraq and Afganistan. The people behind Bush were wrong on the W.M.D., killing Sadaam Hussien, and many other things, but Bush was only a puppet, and if no one was allowed to say anything about the puppet that got us their, why now is every one allowed to blame the Black guy just for stepping in as the “Yes we can” puppet? I see Money’s point on the double standard with America criticizing a President, but I am very much well aware of who controls the Presidential Puppets and are very cable of using those poppey seeds in Afganistah to chemically engineer the next crack type drug to bring a war on “our” people again when the “republicans” return to office. Know your enemies.

    PS. Davey D, there’s a person slandering my name on your site, calling me the “N-word”. Its been going worl-wide on the web since Oct. 14, 2009, will be seeking legal counsel about those who control and gate-keep what goes on the web. Please remove “racist /anti-hammitic” posts. Previously, I asked for the persons e–mail address, but will seek advice about the “slander” when you google my name. DEFINITEL;Y RACIST AND ANTI-HAMMITIC. Only those who control the internet can be doing this. Know your enemies.

  5. Maranatha, your frivolous labeling of a prgressive opinon as communist makes it obvious that you are a Right Wing, site trolling tea-bagger.. Your opinions mean nothing.

  6. I do disagree with the premise that Obama is above criticism. Obama is someone who spends his capital on those who make him earn their support. Sometimes, he seems to think that he has his own base wraped around his finger and he can afford to sell them out, especially blacks.

  7. you are a fucking clown he said what. know you history. paul mooney is god when it comes to this. his age shows all the knowledge he has on everything you clown.

  8. anybody who doesn’t believe in the 9/11 conspiracy theories is evil and that goes for Prez Obama as well as NYC firemen.

    FACE THE TRUTH: Alex Jones, David Icke, Jim Marrs, Webster Tarpley, & WeAreChange are right and the rest of you’s are scared to wake up cuz then your bitch ass will be forced to face a mentally inept coward in the mirror or else be inclined to attempt something outside of your timorous, sleepwalking comfort zone = oh no, not that!

    If everyone’s soul is sold then nobody gets to point to you and tell you “you suck.” Well, that’s exactly why I’m here; cuz you need to be told exactly how pussified you are.

    “Truth comes we can’t hear it when you’ve been programmed to fear it.” – Lauryn Hill

    I see these musclehead construction worker types get all wrestler tough and emotional with skinny 9/11 conspiracy nerds, but they’re really pussies scared to look behind the Wizard of Oz’s white-collar skirt.

    Typical goodbully mentality of self-flattering foolytard brutes. Can’t stand you mofo’s; go get drunk and coked up and deny reality some more: losers… until they draft your imbecilic teens to war (boys AND girls.) Then it’ll be too late to wake up. Then like Tina did Ike in the limo, it’ll finally hit ya.. muahaha

    Fuck your kids; you’ll deserve your future by denying/ignoring your present


  9. Thank you Paul. You’re always so insightful and honest. President Obama is one of the best things that has happened to America but it seems everyone around the world knows it but Americans. Having a president of color has once again caused racist and ignorat Americans to show themselves. What an embarrassement.

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