How Does the New Google Phone Measure Against the Iphone and Blackberry?


How Does the New Google Phone Measure Against the Iphone and Blackberry?

Everyone is talking about the new Google Phone and whether or not its a game changer. The jury is still out but we decided to weigh in with our esteemed tech guru Andreas Jackson of Media Eclectic.  He gave us a serious run down on everything from operating systems to look and feel. More importantly he gave us a global perspective on how we should see these cell phones. For those who don’t know the US lags far behind…   

Here’s the audio feed to our conversation..enjoy   

Tech Expert Andreas Jackson weighs in on the new Google Phone



Comedian Paul Mooney Tells Obama Haters to Fallback-Respect the First Black President


Comedian Paul Mooney is never at a loss for words..Here the former joke writer for Richard Pryor and later everyone from Dave Chappelle to Chris Rock lets loose about his opinions on President Barack Obama. He is currently promoting his new book.. Black is the New White. He also takes us down memory lane to remind us 30 years ago he and Richard Pryor did a skit about the first Black president.

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