Oakland Launches a New Radio Station-All Day Play FM is Here…


Youth Radio Launches Eclectic Music Site All Day Play.fm

DJ Pam the Funkstrees the Party Slapper is on All Day Pay FM

It’s launch day for AllDayPlay.FM, a music
blog, radio stream, and podcast platform featuring a roster of prominent San
Francisco Bay Area DJs.

The latest online venture from Oakland-based award-winning producer Youth
, AllDayPlay.FM provides one stop
listening, downloading, and news for fans of “urban eclectic” music,
encompassing electronica, hip hop, soul, and rock.

As traditional broadcast radio stations become increasingly formatted and
narrow, All Day Play is programmed by DJs and musicians pushing the
envelope: playing diverse, undiscovered talent and writing original
perspectives on music industry developments.

The radio stream is comprised of legendary mix DJs like Sake 1, Pam the
, and Davey D, as well as vibrant young crews like the Krazy Kids
and the Oakland Faders. Recent stories on AllDayPlay.FM include a feature on what rappers can learn
from American Idol’s Susan Boyle, an inquiry into SNL star Andy Samberg’s
Grammy nomination, and E-40’s spin on whether older rappers should move off
the scene to make room for up-and-coming talent.

Breakdown FM can now be heard on All Day Play radio

AllDayPlay. FM can also be found in the ITunes
Radio directory (in the Eclectic category), the Public Radio Tuner app on
the iPhone, Vimeo, Facebook, and

All Day Play’s ranks include: Blog editor and musician 1-O.A.K., Ant-1, Bay
Kid,  Davey D, DJ Able D, DJ Ambush, DJ Malachi, DJ Platurn, DJ Slow Poke,
D-Nastee, DnZ, D-Sharp, Dion Decibels, Matthew Africa, Mike Biggz, Pam The
Funkstress, Roach Gigz, Ren the Vinyl Archeologist, Ruby Red-I, Sake 1,

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Obama Accepts Noble Prize &References Dr King Says Non-Violence is not an Effective Method For Heads of State


Posting up excerpts of  acceptance speeches for the Nobel Peace Prize by both President Obama and Martin Luther King. The natural thing is to make comparisons and perhaps demand that Obama be more King-like especially as he is sending 30 thousand more troops to Afghanistan…

I think its good to see both speeches to see how each man reflects upon what they perceive as their constituents. King talks about the 22 million Black folks who are under seige in this country. Obama talks about a country ‘under seige’ by terrorism.

What stood out for me was hearing how Obama while referencing King, did not reference the people King stood for… He also seemed to make the case that Kings approach toward non-violence is impractical. He cited Hitler’s march to war as an example.

That too me is a direct challenge for us as activists to change the dynamics and make any President or other recipient see us as constituents. As it stands now, President Obama came to Oslo, picked up his award, made a brief speech and skipped all the traditional festivities. Why? Because he was concerned about taking a victory lap while his numbers are down and critics are on his heels making demands…

Here’s the the speech in its entirety


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