Operation Small Axe Film on Oscar Grant Comes to LA


If you live in LA, you may wanna come out to check the film Operation Small Axe. It will help bring folks up to speed about the upcoming Oscar Grant trial which is being moved to LA. Not only will you learn about Oscar Grant, but you also learn how the Oakland Police department has been on a mission to frame a journalist who was covering the rally where hundreds came out to protest Grants brutal slaying.

JR of the POCC and Block Report Radio has long been outspoken about police brutality and the terrorism that people experience in the hood at their hands.

The Oscar Grant rebellions was an opportunity for OPD to swoop in on JR, snatch his camera and come up with some bogus charges about him setting fires. He is scheduled to go to trial and is looking at 4 years for a crime everyone knows he had nothing to do with.. TYhis film brings to light all that has been going on around Oscar Grant and JRs case.