5 Videos to Make Your Day: Michael Franti, Jessica Celious, Def Jeff, The Poetess, Jasiri X


Hey World (Don’t Give Up Version) music video from the Bay Area’s Michael Franti from his new album ALL REBEL ROCKERS! The words and imagery are very moving... Gotta wonder why we don’t hear songs like this too much on our urban outlets especially since its a huge hit overseas.

This is one of my favorite artists-Jessica Celious out of Los Angeles. She’s a a dope soul artist who put out a good album called Melodies of Life. She has a lot of great songs on that joint and finally a nice video to go along with one of the album’s songs Love Crimes.. We need to pay attention to this sista and her work..

Jasiri X return with a dope video that tells the story of the connection between Afghanistan and war, leading to her intimate yet volatile relationship with the United States. Afghanistan (HerStory) is produced by Kai Roberts and directed by Paradise the Arkitech of X-Clan.

This is a classic joint from my homegirl the Poetess.. It was one of the first records that addressed the issue of domestic violence.. It features Poetess, Def Jam, Almighty from Body of Soul and Kool G Rap.. dope record.. Sorry the video is disabled.. its typical of these backward record companies.. One day they’ll get it.. Thats why it only has 3000 views

Since we rocked Love’s Hurt which was produced by Def Jeff, I figured lemme toss in one more video.. See if y’all recall this joint from back in the days  called ‘Black to the Future

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Def Jeff

Video Shows BART Police officer Smashes Unarmed Man through Plate-Glass Window in Oakland


Sadly the city of Oakland, has yet another brazen incident in which excessive force was used to subdue and unarmed suspect. Earlier this year, the world witnessed the horrific shooting of unarmed Oscar Grant on a BART subway platform. yesterday, the city of Oakland is stunned to see a BART officer slam a man through a thick plate-glass window… The man was unarmed and can be seen walking with the officer  just before he’s smashed through a window..he is reported to be mentally disabled.

This incident comes on the heels of the Oscar Grant trial being moved to Los Angeles… Words can barely contain the anger or express the outrage.

-Davey D-

An Oakland, California-area transit police officer was captured on video forcing the head of an unruly man into a heavy-duty glass window, which shattered, during an arrest at a passenger station, authorities said.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows an unidentified Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) officer in a scuffle with a man identified by authorities as Michael Joseph Gibson, 37, of San Leandro, California.

Gibson, who appears disgruntled and gesturing while on a train at the West Oakland station, is pulled off the train by an officer, who has the man in an arm grip.

The officer forcibly walks the man toward the station wall, which is topped by large widows, and one window shatters as the officer appears to force the man against it.

The incident happened about 5:40 p.m. Saturday (8:40 p.m. ET), according to a statement from BART police Sunday. The officer sustained facial lacerations and a concussion, while Gibson suffered cuts to his hand, forearm, palm and a cut to his head. Both were treated at a hospital.

“This is a use-of-force case that we will thoroughly investigate,” BART Police Patrol Commander Daniel O. Hartwig said in the statement. “We will review all available information and video and are requesting anybody with any other video or information to please come forward.”

Once released, Gibson was booked into the Santa Rita County jail. He faces charges of battery on a police officer with injury and resisting arrest — both felonies — and public intoxication, a misdemeanor.

The officer was placed on leave due to his injuries, authorities said.

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