A Terrorist Organization Known as the KKK is Set to rally at Ole Miss Campus Before LSU Game


I wonder if these dimwits (the KKK)will be subjected to extra scrutiny from Homeland Security? I wonder if the local police will see them as gang and put them in the gang data base or issue an injunction..? Imagine if the word went out that the Bloods or Crips were gonna hold a rally?.. In any case lets not forget the KKK are terrorists..
-Davey D-

KKK To Rally On Ole Miss Campus Before LSU Game


Ole Miss recently banned their band’s traditional playing of “From Dixie With Love” because people keep shouting “and the South will rise again” at the end of it which is a favored slogan of the KKK.

This has lead to a planned KKK rally on Ole Miss campus before this weekends home game against LSU in protest of the Ole Miss Chancellor Dan Jones’ decision.

“We aren’t coming there to cause problems or cause trouble,”Shane Tate, the North Mississippi great titan for the Mississippi White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan Tate said. “Trouble has already been caused by a handful at Ole Miss, including the black student body president, who wants to shape Ole Miss into yet another liberal sodomite college.”

This is just embarrassing and it disappoints me what some consider as acceptable tradition.

Here’s the other story


The University of Mississippi’s first-year chancellor followed through on a promise and asked the band to stop playing “From Dixie With Love” because fans chant “the South will rise again” at the end of the medley.

Jones, who became chancellor in July, did not specify how long the song at Rebels games will be off limits, but he said elected student leaders can request its return if the chant stops. The tune blends the Confederate Army’s fight song, “Dixie,” with the Union Army’s “Battle Hymn of the Republic.”

“Here at the University of Mississippi, there must be no doubt that this is a warm and welcoming place for all,” Dan Jones wrote in a letter to the university community. “We cannot even appear to support those outside our community who advocate a revival of racial segregation. We cannot fail to respond.”

The band has played “From Dixie With Love” before and after athletic events for about two decades. The practice of some fans chanting “the South will rise again” started in the past five years. The university’s alumni association and coaches and some high-profile financial supporters, including Netscape founder Jim Barksdale, have said the chant should stop. But some students and fans see Jones’ move as a restriction on free speech.

However in other racial news a judge has temporarily blocked higher education officials from changing the University of North Dakota’s Fighting Sioux nickname. The judges decision has the president of North Dakota’s Board of Higher Education, Richie Smith, fearing that the order could delay the university’s efforts to join the Summit League and re-establish its football rivalry with North Dakota State University.

The dispute has its origins in the NCAA’s August 2005 declaration that the Fighting Sioux nickname and Indian head logo should be abolished.

Kinda of disgusted to even add anything else.

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9 comments on “A Terrorist Organization Known as the KKK is Set to rally at Ole Miss Campus Before LSU Game

  1. Damn, how they get a photo op, Davey D, I been banging on this site like nine months and still ain’t get no photo op nor the props they got. Its not like the government don’t know who these people are… Know your enemies, people. “Aside from us being from the original people, so are the white people that we so call that, so fuck all that other shit, ’cause it don’t mean nothing except about some cash”, Richard Pryor said. They still don’t know who has conrtrol of the federal reserve. Dress how you want, but you mess with my family and my money, we are going to fight. And I know the cops are on your side, but..

  2. You ever wonder why they love hearingthose rappers sound so “country” in their hip-hop songs? We need to know when we are being laughed at. I live on the Mason Dixon line. They fear most what they see on television.

  3. As long as they all have student I.D.’s to march on campus with a permit, let them do it. But some one better be recording their names off their student I.D.’s for the protection of the Black students. Terroristic threats and unauthorization to be on campus without a permit… Just get all of their names and forward them to the J.D.L. The media is promoting this fire, let’s see what they do… Know your enemies, people.

  4. YOU must be one of the most uneducated “persons” in the united states.. oh i see, look what website u “belong to”. A terrorist group, not! people fed up with the oppression of political powers and racial crying~! we all have it hard~! there is the naacp, rev sharpton, rev jesse jackson that do the same thing the kkk is trying to do for us. fighting to keep us from being oppressed! by other races… well the time is coming, THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN~! in some form or fashion and i as a united american, standing up for our constitution. WHERE IT STATES, ” ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” ……….that means red, black, white, yellow…. so davey d, shut your uneducated mouth, and work together to fix racial tensions, instead of stirring it up… because we will not lay down and take this… it isnt the AMERICAN WAY…. ALL OF THIS IS, FROM DIXIE WITH LOVE~!!!!!

  5. That white girl posing on that confederate flag is hot. If I was a bigot I’d join her cause to naiil her too. Sex and racism lures the most ignorant people, doesn’t it?

  6. White America seems to be evolving more than we may want to realize. When will Black folk? Only 12 “Klansboys” showed up. Have to say “boys”, because none of the white men I work with and live around have to wear sheets to make their point. They were shut down quickly at the University of Mississippi. I just hope someone got their names off their student I.D.’s at Fulton Chapple on campus. It was 250 strong that was ready to bust they ass – Black, white, hispanic, indian, asian, and jew. You all can be mad at Davey D if you all want, but this post actually helped shut them down. All the way from Cali. Good looking out, Davey D. And “power to the people”, all 250, that stood up to the dirty bigoted dozen. “…Cause we all family, so fuck all that other shit, ’cause it don’t mean nothing except about some cash” – Richard Pryor 1982.

  7. Where were the players in all of this? White and black? Both white and black players at both ol miss and LSU should have threatened to sit as long as there is any KKK member anywhere near campus in uniform and involved in Klan activities. Yes, KKK has their right to protest. I know some KKK apologist is going to gravel about that. Guess what? Players have a right to walk out, too. Nobody’s rights are being infringed upon. KKK can protest the game, there just won’t be a game untill they leave, that’s all. Perfectly fair, and doesn’t violate anyone’s rights. Athletes today won’t get involved with social issues for a klondike bar. It’s really sad. To think we’ve gone from San Jose State and UCLA in the ’60s to this. Didn’t some players on both the Cowboys and the Bills threaten to boycott the ’94 Super Bowl if that stadium didn’t remove its confederate flag? I think they stuck to their guns, too, and got it removed. It just goes to show what a little bit of courage can accomplish. Athletes have so much influence. They only use it for self promotion, money. Never mind the “thug culture”, or quarterbacks getting DUIs or posing for photos drunk when underage. Those things are bad, yes. But this is the true tragedy. The fact that so many athletes could move mountains politically, yet CHOOSE not to.. Author David Zirin talks about this. He wrote the book, “What’s my name, fool”. Good blogger, too. Here’s his blog:


  8. RobThomas, your perspective was on point. Perhaps they could have used it days before the game to pressure the Universities. Will remember that one. Good points perhaps one day late.

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