Is Beanie Sigel Relying Up on Another Grown Man to Take Care of Him?


Why Is a Grown Man Depending on Another Grown Man?

Written by BIG CED of Industry co-sign

bigced-potraitOK, I will say this, I haven’t heard the Beanie Sigel song yet but I am amazed that a grown ass man is relying on another grown man to take care of him. Now, my beef with Hip Hop and the mentality of the Black community is that if my man is of a certain status or he is a celebrity, he should be taking care of me. What kind of bullshit is that? Yes, it’s cool when an artist brings his boys with him when he gets put on, but the ignorance factor usually ends up hurting an artist who is trying to have a successful career. The artist is being loyal and I understand that, but if your ignorant boys are preventing you from making money, are they really your boys?

Most times, when an artist is in any trouble, more than likely, it’s one of his boys that is causing problems but the artist gets the attention from it, even though he may not have had anything to do with it. But people don’t see the artist’s boy, they see who the boy is hanging out with and attributes that problem to that artist. But, instead of containing his boy, he, instead, allows his boy to continue being an ass and preventing him from elevating his career, thus limiting or eliminating the financial earning aspect of the artist. All of this in the name of staying loyal or being concerned of being labeled a sellout if he cuts his boy off.


Beanie Sigel

So, when an artist finally realizes that his earning potential increases once he leaves his boys alone, he does the right thing for his business and then is labeled as a betrayer because he starts to think about his longevity in his career. But, if his boys were really his boys, they would stop the ignorant shit or allow him to make his money and have a successful career but the ignorance factor is so high that it usually leads to these same characters beefing that their man thinks he’s too large for them. This primarily happens in the Hip Hop/Black community where a lot of people would rather see their peoples on the corners than on their own property.

So, for a grown man to say that he is upset or disappointed that another man hasn’t taken care of him, I can’t respect a man who isn’t or hasn’t thought about taking care of himself. Unless that man is my father and I am unable to take care of myself, then there is NO WAY I should be relying on another man who doesn’t share my DNA to take care of me and mine.

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