25 Joints to Get U Through the Day #13-Stand Up and Be Heard




 25 Joints to get U Through the Day #13-Stand Up and Be Heard

by Davey D

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Highlights of this weeks show come courtesy of Brother Ali and his new album US which is pure butter. It starts off with Chuck D of Public Enemyplaying the role of a preacher.  In this show we do a little remix and take you straight to an incredibly deep song about abuse. Ali is intense and music matches his mood. It’s good to see and hear artists ‘go there’ and show that such vulnerability.

Our favorite Detroit based rapper Invincible hits us over the head with her song ‘Ropes’  as does Sim City out of Washington DC  with their nice joint called ‘Remembering Geneva’. These are two artists who we should be paying close attention to. They are refreshing, have socially relevant content and bangin’ beats.. Nuff said.

Wanna know who is popping in the Bay Area… peep my boy Jern Eye, He has a new album out called ‘Vision’ is off the chain. The song we featured, ‘Who’s to Say’  underscores my point. Its melodic, thoughtful and on point. Also holding it down from the Bay are San Jose based artists,  Apakalips ‘K.I.M.’  and Kung Fu Vampire w/ Spice 1 ‘No Thang’ . Mt Network aka  D’Labrie‘Catch Me’  like Jern Eye reps the expanding flava of Oakland.

MV Bill is an artist we should all know

MV Bill is an artist we should all know

One last artist not to sleep on hails from Brazil. Here is unknown in many circles. Down there artists like Mos Def will open up for him as he’ll easily pack a stadium to come hear him play.. MV Bill is hands down the man.. If you don’t know him.. Look him up. Google him.

Snoop and Ja Rule know him-Why?  becuase he has major juice and respect in the hoods down there  and was the one who stepped to them and let them know it wasn’t cool to just be rolling through his country shooting videos of the women and not building with the people in the favillas.   He let them know that many Brazil is more than just ass and tits and while it’s true that there are beautiful women, they should be careful about falling into the role of exploiter. He noted that many people look up to them and admire them and that they should come to the hood and not be on some 5 star Hollywood trip and afraid to come see the people who make them.  Am I not beautiful to?, was the question he raised. MV Bill is no joke…

MTV found this out the hard way,  when they came to town to shoot a three day concert several years ago.  Naturally they wanted and needed MV Bill who agreed to perform under two conditions. 1-They include local acts on the line up. 2– MTV lower the prices to the tickets so local people from the favilla could attend. As it was explained to me,  there was a refusal to lower the prices, MV Bill put the word out and the three day festival got condensed with many refusing to roll with the music network. We will be rocking an interview we did with MV in the next couple of weeks. Smart, articulate, down to earth, hood, independent and Hip Hop to the fullest  Get familiar with MV Bill

Enjoy this weeks 25 Joints….

 25 Joints to Get U Through the Day #13

01-Brother Ali w/ Chuck D  ‘Brothers and Sisters’ (Minneapolis-New York)

02-Brother Ali ‘Babygirl'(Minneapolis)

03-Mystic ‘Beautiful Restistance’ (Bay Area-Oakland)

04-Invincible ‘Ropes’ (Detroit)

05-Zion I w/ Brother Ali ‘Caged Bird’ (Oakland-Minneapolis)

06-Sunspot Jonz ‘Dip Down’ (Bay Area/ LA)

07-Sim City w/ Maimouna Yousef  ‘Remembering Geneva’ (Washington DC)

08-Jazzy Jeff w/Jean Grae ‘Supa Jean’ (New York)

09-Jern Eye ‘Who’s to Say’ (Bay Area-Oakland)

10-Arab Summit ‘Camouflage’ (Iraq/ Palestine)

11-Euphrates ‘I Told You So’ (Iraq/ Montreal)

12-Cunninlyngst ‘America Loves Gangstas’ (Kentucky)

13-Maria Isa w/Killa Capone ‘Street Politics’ (Minneapolis)

14-MV Bill ‘So Deus Pode Me Julgar’ (Brazil)

15-Deuce Eclipse‘Que Se Meuva’ (Bay Area -Oakland)

16-Wax Tailor ‘No Pity’ (France)

17-Chali 2Na ‘Graff Time’ (Los Angeles)

18-Fort Minor w/ Lupe Fiasco & Ghostface Killah ‘Spray Point’ (LA/Chicago/ NY)

19-Bas 1 ‘Preacher #3’ (Bay Area-Oakland)

20-Apakalips ‘K.I.M.’ (Bay Area-San Jose)

21-Kellee Maize ‘Marching to the Revolution’ (Pittsburgh)

22-D’Labrie ‘Catch Me’ (Bay Area-Oakland)

23-Kung Fu Vampire w/ Spice 1 ‘No Thang’ (Bay Area-San Jose/Hayward)

24-J Ross Parelli ‘Music’ (Reno)

25-J Dub w/ Zumbi “For Your Love’ (Bay Area-Oakland)

26-Capital Tax w/ Simone Nia Rae ‘Baby’ (Bay Area -Oakland)

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  1. evento nextel trincou com tudo com sua rima realista e ao mesmo tempo futurista no sentido que o governo enxergue quem quer melhorar esse pais de uma forma simples e objetiva.

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