Black Eyed Peas’ Asks Fans To Support Philippines Relief Effort

Black Eyed Peas’ Asks Fans To Support Philippines Relief Effort

Source: Baller Status

BlackEyedPeas-apldeapBlack Eyed Peas member,, is asking fans of the group to support a relief effort for the Philippine islands, which was devastated over the weekend by Typhoon Ketsana.

Over the weekend, the typhoon dropped a month’s worth of rain on the northern part of the country, leaving 80% of its capital, Manilla, and surrounding areas underwater. So far, it’s reportedly caused $30 million in damages and took the lives of over 240 people.

Apl, a Filipino-American who was born in the Philippines before coming to the U.S at the age of 11, has launched a campaign to help raise money to help his native country.

“My heart is broken to see so many of my Filipino brothers and sisters hurt by this disaster,” Apl wrote on his website. “We must all bond together and move forward to restore the city we hold dear.”

Apl is asking fans and supporters to donate money to the Apl Foundation, via his website, to help aid Filipinos in wake of the flood.

The typhoon is responsible for the most devastating flooding in the Philippines in over 40 years. While most of the flood waters have receded in most areas, a majority of the city’s medical centers have been destroyed and the risk of contracting waterborne diseases has increased dramatically.

Locals are blaming government officials for neglecting to properly prepare for the typhoon, since it was well-known that Manila is susceptible to flooding.

To help you can donate to Apl’s Foundation at, or check out the list of ways below, thanks to the Huffington Post:

• Google has compiled an extremely helpful list of emergency numbers and groups in the Philippines who are accepting donations. It also includes a broad view of the map displayed below.

• Help the UN World Food Programme by making a donation. This program identifies families in specific need of aid. Just $18 provides a family with rice for two weeks. This is the most critical and immediate way you can make an impact.

• UNICEF has already provided $143,000 worth of relief to affected children in the region. You can call 1-800-4UNICEF or donate via their Philippines Floods page.

• Call the Philippine Consulate General at 646-4620 or the Filipino Community of Guam President Alex Gagaring at 483-2539. They can tell you how you can help and where to send donation checks.

• The Pacific Daily News of Guam recommends writing a donation check to the Filipino Community of Guam — put “Calamity Fund” in the memo line.

• Filipino blogger Manuel L. Quezon III has compiled an impressive list of ways people can help, both locally and internationally.

• Plain and simple — donate to the International Red Cross and help them continue to put relief workers on the ground in the Philippines.

• Donate via Catholic Relief Services online or call 1-877-HELP-CRS

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