More Racial Drama in Texas-Hispanics Keep Out



One week after a dust up between Neo Nazis, Ku Klux Klansmen and Black Panthers in Paris, Texas, we have another racial incident in a state that is on the verge of changing while some of its old guard and ignorant desperately try to hold on. This one is small compared to the dust up in Paris, but represents an attitude that sadly gets spouted or implied on TV news shows hosted by the likes of Lou Dobbs and Glen Beck. In Azel, Texas not too far out of Dallas, we have a couple who have posted a sign that says ‘Hispanics Keep Out’

When confronted by concerned neighbors the 72 year old woman of the house who declined to give her name stated that she was within her ‘American’ rights to put whatever sign she wants to on her property.   For those who are outside of the Lone Star state bear in mind that Texas is very strong when it comes to property rights. You can get shot and the owner not be in trouble if you decide to come tresspassing on people’s property.

The woman’s stupidity and pure ignorance is borne out by the fact that she says she doesn’t want anyone who is here in this country illegally coming to her house.  However, she doesn’t specifically state ‘illegal’ or ‘undocumented’ Hispanics keep out.  Of course one might point out to this Azel woman,  indigenous folks aren’t the ones here illegally- if anything its the woman in question but that’s for another column on another date.

As was stated earlier Texas, is going through some serious growing pains. As the sate becomes Blacker and Browner in many sectors there are those who simply will not go with the flow and adapt. Most of the people in Azel Texas are not in agreement with the sign and have publicly stated so.. but there is an ilk of people some who hold power and set policy and some who have been granted a platform in national and even local media who espouse such views. They need to die off  and then we can start to really build a multi-cultural nation free of their ignorance and racial bias. 

This incident comes in the middle of a firestorm where conversations about race are now center stage in public conversations. Much of it stems from the Paris, Texas dust up and the incident in Cambridge, Mass involving Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates being arrested for breaking into his own home and his friend  President Obama commenting by calling the place stupid.  Gates who accused the police of racially profiling him sparked off a big debate on the issue. Now with this ‘Hispanics Keep Out Sign in texas, this no doubt will keep us talking.

-Davey D-

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This sign represents a sentiment that far too many feel comfortable expressing in public discourse

This sign represents a sentiment that far too many feel comfortable expressing in public discourse

7 comments on “More Racial Drama in Texas-Hispanics Keep Out

  1. The reporter on this story is pure BS! “They [neighbors] are practicing tolerance”, really? Nice way to justify some racist sh*t. It doesn’t say “immigrants keep out” it says Hispanics, which means one group of people.

  2. Imagine “Jews keep out” at a home in the heart of NY or DC suburbs. It never would be tolerated. – Never again right?

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  4. LOL

    So the non-Hispanic immigrants who may stay past their alloted time are ok? WTF wants to go to Azel, TX in the first place?! “Bertha” skipped her meds…

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