Rebel Diaz Are Free The case brought Against them has been dismissed in the ‘Interest of Justice’


June 18th 2009 Bronx NY: We just got off the phone with Bronx based rap group Rebel Diaz and they wanted to announce that they just came from court and all the charges that were applied to them from this incident of police brutality have been dropped. 
 The initial story and video is posted below, but for folks who don’t know.. The two brother Rodstarz and G1 saw an immigrant fruit vendor being hemmed up by police. They went over to see what was up and help out if any language interpretation was needed. The police turned on the brothers and beat them..
That sparked protests and lots of phone calls to the Bronx Police department.
A few nights later G1 who lives in Harlem had his house ranshacked by Harlem housing police who said they belive a suspect in a robbery had ran up into his crib. Everyone including myself think it was straight retaliation for the noise made about the Bronx incident..
A press release from Rebel Diaz is forthcoming, but in the meantime we give them props and say thank God they are not having to face jailtime.. Again the Rebel Diaz case was dismissed in the interest of justice.
-Davey D-
NYC Police Beat Up Rap Group Members Rebel Diaz
By Davey D

06/18/08 13:22:23

Watch the video of the NYPD terrorist Cops in action
This is what our tax dollars pay for…


Looks like the NYPD are living up to their reputation of being bonafide ‘dipshits’. We are just getting word that NYC Police located in what was once known as Fort Apache-the 41st Precint in the Bronx, have shown that police terrorism is alive and well.

The word is in a unprovoked attack they badly assaulted two members of the Rap group Rebel Diaz.

The story we are hearing is that group Rodstarz and G1were up in Bronx on Southern Blvd in Hunts Point, when they noticed the police were harassing a street vendor who was selling fruit. The two went over to witness the cops in action and when they saw the police being abusive they pulled out a cell phone to video tape the incident and asked for the officers badge numbers. keep in mind that part of the Bronx has a large immigrant community and it is also being gentrified. The police from the 41st Precint have made it a point to commit acts of terror including the shooting and killing of an unarmed iGarifunan mmigrant man last year.

The case brought up images of Amadou Dialloanother immigrant was gunned down by out of control Bronx cops in the neighboring precint.

According to witnesses, when Rodstarz and G1 asked for badge numbers the police became agitated and turned around and started beating them with bully clubs and kicking them in full view of other vendors and people on the crowded street. The two were dragged off bloody, put into a police car and charged with resisting arrest and assault.

The backdrop to this story is that Rebel Diaz are not your ordinary rappers. They are well known activist who not only speak out against police terrorism, but have been key in helping out folks within this immigrant community. Hence it would not be usual for group members to bear witness and to speak out against the injustices. Rebel Diaz has committed themselves to given voice to the voiceless in that Bronx neighborhood.

Many feel that the assault by these cowardly Bronx police officers in plain view of everyone was a way to send a strong message to folks in the community that the police run things and they best stay in line. By beating the Rebel Diazmembers in front of everyone was a way to spark fear and remind people that no one is safe from the police. They wanna let folks know that they can brazenly beat up popular rappers in front everyone even withcell phone cameras rolling and do so with impunity. The whole ordeal is akin to the slave masters from way back sparking fear in the hearts of other slaves by beating the strongest among them in front of everyone for all to see.

Over the past year NY Police have been man handling, arresting and terrorizing politicized Hip Hop artists, activists and news reporters.
For example, last year in Brooklyn well known attorney Michael Tarif Warrenwho routinely represents people in police abuse cases was badly beaten along with his wife when they stopped to watch and bear witness to NY cops terrorizing a unarmed tennage boy at a gas station.

During the protests immediately following the acquittal of the officers on trial for the Sean Bell shooting, journalists who had been speaking out against the police were harassed and roughed up.

Hopefully folks will read this and understand that what the police are doing will not work.. A police state will not take place on our collective watch..

Tonight there will be a rally infront of the 41st Precint Police station

bring drums, noise makers, banners, and people power!

***please forward widely***




bring drums, noise makers, banners, and people power!

1035 Longwood Avenue (@Southern Blvd.
) 6PM TODAY June 18, 2008

take the 6 train to Longwood

Please call the 41st precinct 718-542-4771and the arresting Officer MacHugo 718-542-8745 to demand:

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Warning: Boo to Time Warner Cable They back to Scheming Again



Time Warner has hatched a scheme where they are trying to charge people based on usage. It sounds reasonable on the surface until you realize after watching a few Youtube videos and downloading a couple of songs that you suddenly went over the usage mark and will have to pay crazy fees for overusage..These companies are a joke and constantly trying to find ways to gut net neutrality provisions. Next time you see Time Warner-tell them how you feel.

Time Warner has hatched a scheme where they are trying to charge people based on usage. It sounds reasonable on the surface until you realize after watching a few Youtube videos and downloading a couple of songs that you suddenly went over the usage mark and will have to pay crazy fees for overusage..These companies are a joke and constantly trying to find ways to gut net neutrality provisions. Next time you see Time Warner-tell them how you feel.

 Some people never give up.

Time Warner Cable is still trying to restrict Internet use and shamelessly overcharge people who use the Web every day.

But we’ve got a new bill in Congress and a plan to stop greedy phone and cable companies from padding their pockets by curbing our Internet use.

Tell Congress to Stop the Internet Rip-Off

Time Warner Cable’s Internet overcharging scam came crashing down in April after tens of thousands of you protested the absurdly high fees. Time Warner Cable backed off. But the company didn’t give up.

Instead, the cable giant quietly launched a customer “re-education” plan, hiring PR experts and launching phony front groups to mislead people into supporting excessive charges. Time Warner Cable also hides the fine print in their “terms of service” allowing the company to disconnect users on a whim.
Now, other phone and cable companies like Comcast and AT&T are weighing similar schemes to hike prices, shut down the free-flowing Web and keep users in check.

New York Rep. Eric Massa promised to introduce a bill to stop this excessive price-gouging. Today, Massa delivered:

Tell Congress: Support the Broadband Internet Fairness Act

By following the link above and signing the letter, you’re telling your representative in Congress to support Massa’s bill. The Broadband Internet Fairness Act would make price-gouging plans illegal and require the big phone and cable companies to disclose their schemes to the Federal Trade Commission.

Giant phone and cable companies see the free-flowing Internet — with users watching YouTube videos, listening to music at Pandora and making phone calls with Skype — as a threat to their local monopolies.

They hate that we’re taking control of our own media, and they want to go back to an era when media giants had control of the switch.
We have stopped the big cable and phone companies — again and again — by standing together to defend our right to an open, fast and affordable Internet. This bill is our bill: Support the Broadband Internet Fairness Act today.

Thank you.
Timothy Karr
Campaign Director
Free Press Action Fund
1. Get the word out on Facebook, post the petition on Twitter or forward this e-mail to your friends urging them to support this important bill.
2. Our friends at Stop the Cap! have been leading the way against the unfair practices of the phone and cable giants; check them out and show your support.
3. Help the Free Press Action Fund continue to fight for your Internet rights. Donate today.

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iScrewedUp — Radio’s New App-How Bigtime Radio Executives Messed up Again



iScrewedUp — Radio’s New App

Thursday, June 18, 2009

By Jerry Del Colliano

I don’t know how radio CEOs can be so wrong so often.

It is about to happen again as Sirius XM is set to launch an Apple app that they hope will revolutionize satellite radio.

Oh really?

Here’s the latest misread of the media consumer.

You’ll be able to get Sirius XM on your iPhone for free.

That is, of course, if you subscribed to the webcast feature.

It’s $3 a month for everyone else.

Look, did anyone tell Mel that he’s not the only one having a recession? Can’t he see that people are not lined up to pay for satellite radio that is arguably not much better than what they can hear for free on terrestrial radio?

In fact, as consumers feel the pinch, what would make these SiriusXM execs think that charging more monthly fees for the same old “not exactly free radio” is a good business strategy.

You can expect this new SiriusXM app to be a flop just like the free version of Clear Channel’s iheart Radio which received a few million downloads and a great number fewer fans once they listened.

Nothing personal, but consumers don’t think like media executives and you can be damn sure media CEOs don’t think like consumers.

A few years ago, one of my USC Solutions Labs did a project for XM Satellite before it merged with Sirius. These young folks came up with lots of ideas for satellite radio — none of which they were doing and few of which they adopted. The ability to listen to streaming satellite radio on a cell phone was not one of their recommendations.

I understand SiriusXM’s enthusiasm to get into new media because in today’s media world satellite radio technology is as ancient as a wagon train.

But they are getting it wrong — so wrong.

Satellite isn’t the only radio organization to do their version of iScrewedUp.

Terrestrial radio wasted broadcasters money and got a false sense of security in pushing HD which in effect was an excuse to create more channels on a radio. This would be great if the radio were a hot consumer device.

It isn’t.

Even in a car, radio is a mere part of the automobile’s entertainment system with growing competition from new media. No young person these days (or many older for that matter) buys a car without an iPhone jack.

The HD concept of adding more channels than the federal government would let consolidators have was fatally flawed when it turned out radio groups couldn’t operate all the stations they bought. And now we’ve seen that they can’t pay the debt on these acquisitions, either.

It would have been so much better to check with the consumer first — not iBiquity, the NAB, auto manufacturers (oops) or radio makers.

Lesson: Consumers want variety where they live — on mobile devices not radios.

Radio screwed up when it tried to bilk the record industry into paying legal payola to get airplay. They deny it but before then New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer started his holy war, big radio groups and record labels were settling for seven figure penalties.

This was a screw up because radio is nothing without the music industry and the record business is proving that it is nothing without a vibrant radio industry. Maybe the heyday of consolidation factored into it but it is no accident that radio has declined in direct proportion to the music industry.

You know things are bad when the labels still — in 2009 — sue their customers and then turn on their radio partners in trying to win repeal of the performance tax exemption.

Lesson: Radio and records should have joined forces to create new delivery systems and content and launched the iTunes store before a computer company kicked their butts.

Radio is screwing up in the sacred area of news, information, talk and localism.

Repeater Radio to save money on personnel lives up to the term I use to describe it — a no-brainer.

But before radio groups decided to sell out programming to save money, they misread the marketplace again.

Take Iran.


Have you witnessed how news from the disputed Iranian elections and the riots that followed is driven by Twitter, Facebook and the Internet?

Not TV.

Not radio.

Not newspapers.

In fact CNN here in the U.S. has been busy defending its initial non-coverage of this world news event while their worldwide audience was taking matters into their own hands — literally.The many pictures are shot from eyewitnesses via their cellphone cameras and uploaded to YouTube.

When Westinghouse/CBS used to say “you give us 22 minutes and we’ll give you the world”, the consumer now says, “give us 20 seconds and we’ll give you thousands of photos, reports and commentaries”.

Events like 9/11 and Katrina may be the last traditional media coverage we’ll see.

Certainly, you can’t rely on a radio to cover a tornado down south or a crisis in markets where Repeater Radio is babbling on.

The marketplace is telling media execs that they are no longer the gatekeepers of news and entertainment.

They think finding the next Rush or Hannity is going to save talk radio — especially when you can mindlessly syndicate it across the nation. But today’s audience doesn’t need a lecture, they already have a town meeting with unbridled access to people and places that radio cannot duplicate.

To survive, it would take a sharp radio executive (an oxymoron) to start delivering content with new means and in new ways.

Lesson: Your new boss is the listener. They have taken control of your radio station and redefined how news is distributed. And before you start with, “but they are not trained journalists”, I ask “how many radio stations employ trained journalists”?

One more example of iScrewedUp.

Terrestrial radio streaming.

Media execs love duplicating the same content that they air for free on the Internet. Why? Because they think they can make a fortune selling different cheap commercials on the stream.

But there has been precious little evidence that streaming is even wanted by their audiences.

Yes, if you’re in a building and want to listen to a terrestrial format, of course, it comes in clearer online. But even with all that factored in, terrestrial radio listening delivers not quite 3% more listeners to the station’s format. By any standards that is a screw up.

Because a smart radio exec would listen to their audience and find 1,000 ways to program niche content that listeners absolutely could not easily get anywhere else and find a new model for Internet radio. They could also build Internet radio stations for local businesses and rent the stations to their sponsors. No biggy. No great expense. The music rights issues will eventually be resolved and they’ll be sitting there owning many franchises.

But no.

Radio execs missed the point.

Lesson: You can’t cram analog mentality into the digital space. If you do, you’ll get just 3% of the available audience.

Okay, I lied — one final point.

The People Meter.

You know, the one Cox CEO Bob Neil railed against publicly for years and spineless consolidators put down while they were secretly signing PPM contracts.

Turns out iScrewedUp applies to this as well.

I can’t tell you the number of apologists who gleefully remind me that radio’s total listening is up one million people.

Wow. Imagine that.

And how do you think tired old radio, with thousands of talented programmers and air personalities fired, is accomplishing this feat?

Can you say People Meter?

Finally, the diary system that broadcasters love because they can easily manipulate it is now reporting the real audience.

But radio CEOs and association execs drunk with spin are using this as proof that radio is alive and well.

What they don’t get is that the People Meter means a major redesign of radio programming.

I don’t know about you but even after all their meetings, conferences, research and consultants — radio still sounds to me like it’s built for the diary.

Lesson: The People Meter allows radio stations to know what listeners want every moment of the day and enables them to deliver it. But they are listening to each other again and not the audience.

So, there appears to be an endless stream of major screw ups that radio and record industry CEOs have made — enough to inspire a developer to design their own Apple iPhone app.


Unfortunately, just like other radio apps, it would be downloaded by millions but I am afraid few people would listen.

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