Breakdown FM-Going Back in the Days w/ DJ Kool Herc pt 2

Article-Sunday, November 20, 2005

Going Back in the Days w/ DJ Kool Herc pt 2
by Davey D and Mark Skillz

We continue our interview with Hip Hop’s Father-DJ Kool Herc. Here in part 2 he breaks down which legendary rappers would be on his all-time dream team.. One of the more interesting choices is Pebbly-Poo who was down with Masterdon and one of Hip Hop’s first dominating female figures. Herc also explained how Pebbly-Poo was so dope that he made her a part of the Herculoids.

Herc really goes into depth about the Sugar Hill Gang and the controversy surrounding group member Big Bank Hank. He talks about how Hank lived in the same neighborhood with him and that he tried not to get involved with the beef Grand Master Caz had with him over the rhymes Hank bit…

Herc also spoke about the way many media outlets exploit Hip Hop. he noted how he has been treated over the years and how ironic that he and other pioneers can be in a large city that has a radio station focusing on Hip Hop but he is rarely invited to come on those airwaves. Herc says his treatment is very different overseas where people have a much bigger appreciation…

Kool Herc concludes the interview by talking about his personal life. He explains his love for basketball and how he was really good until he messed up his ankle.

He also talks about his kids and how his young son may one day wanna get into Hip Hop. He’s now coming of age where he recognizes who his father is…

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Breakdown FM-Going Back in the Days w/ DJ Kool Herc pt1

Article-Sunday, November 20, 2005

Going Back in the Days w/ DJ Kool Herc
by Davey D and Mark Skillz of Breakdown FM

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In celebration of Hip Hop History month,we sat down with the father of Hip Hop music and culture the legendary Kool Herc.

He gave us an indepth run down of Hip Hop in the early days. He speaks about the early party scene and talks about how he and sister Cindy made history when they threw a back to school party at 1520 Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx.

He talks about how he used to be a grafitti artist and how his sister had his back and sheilded him from the wrath of his strict father who would’ve whupped that butt if he knew his son was defacing New York City property.

Kool Herc also lets us know that Hip Hop did not start in the South Bronx as is often erroneously reported. Herc never lived in the South Bronx, he lived in the West bronx which is a totally different area.

In this interview Kool Herc talks about his Jamaican background. He talks about how he grew up in the same township as Bob Marley and he explains how and why Jamaican culture is an important root within Hip Hop.

One important aspect of Jamaican culture Herc speaks to us about is the sound system. In this interview he talks about the type of equipment he used and why he named it the Herculords.

What was really fascinating in this sit down, was hearing Herc go into detail about the different clubs and parties he threw. He describes the clientele which ranged from some of New York’s most notorious sharp dressing mob type gangstas to high school kids from the projects around the way.

Herc gives us a run down of his playlist and talks about his approach for keeping the crowd satisfied. He speaks about his early deejay battles most notably with Pete DJ Jones. He also talks about the importance of funk music and bands like the Incredible Bongo Band.

Herc cocncludes this first segment by talking about Hip Hop’s early emcees including his own crew member Coke La Rock. Herc also talks about his other crew members including Timmy Tim.

He talks about the role DJ Hollywood played in Hip Hop. He also gives major praise to Mele-Mel and his brother Kid Creole for inventing the style of rap we all embrace to this day.

You can stream or downlaod this Kool Herc interview
by going here:
Stream or download this interview by going here:

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Breakdown FM-Holding It Down in North Carolina-Little Brother Gets Wreck

Holding It Down in North Carolina-Little Brother Gets Wreck
by Davey D of Breakdown FM

original article: Saturday, November 05, 2005 

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North Carolina natives Little Brother (Phonte, Big Pooh and 9th Wonder) have been doing their thing for a long time. They have become household names within underground circles, but now that is starting to change. Seems like nowadays everyone is talkiing about these guys…

What’s so dope is they have alot to say. Unlike so many of their peers within the rap game, they don’t feel a need to put forth any false images or hold up a particular persona. As Phonte noted during our interview, Little Brother are grown men who strive to talk about grown folks things. Hence the honesty and frankness in our conversation and the dopeness of their album-The Minstreal Show..

In this interview you will hear Little Brother speak to all sorts of issues ranging from how they garnered their success to how they manage to stick to together and keep the core essence of their music in tact. They talk about their new record deal with Atlantic Records and the types of things they insisted upon before signing. They also talk about the impact the music and pop culture is having on young people.
Phonte says if we keep feeding our youth a steady diet of audio junk food which includes materialism and the glorification of negative street life, should we be surprised and shocked when kids grow up and go buckwyld..

They talk about making grown folks music and how Hip Hop has has not reached its full potential in terms of delivering for an older audience that wants a whole lot more then booty shaking music and gangsta fairytales.

They also talk about the stigma placed on Black people and folks from the hood who are saddled with certain negative stereotypes and images that the public expects them to live up to… Phonte and Big Pooh talk about their upbringing and explain how they managed to be themselves and triumph despite personal hardships.

Little Brother also gets political and talks about the US Government’s response to Katrina and what that really means. They also expound upon Kanye’s remarks about George Bush and offer up some keen insight…

Lastly we talk about the album and play some of the dope cuts featured on the highly acclaimed Minstreal Show..

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