Breakdown FM: Paris the Black Panther of Hip Hop Returns w/ Acid Reflux

We sit down with the Black Panther of Hip Hop Paris who talked to us about his new album ‘Acid Reflex’ and the upcoming 2008 elections…

Listen to the Breakdown FM Interview Here:

The Black Panther of Hip Hop, Paris return to the fold with a new album called Acid Reflex.He explains that the title represents the type of reaction he and so many others are having to these corrupt and vicious times. He describe the current political and social climate as acidic.

Paris who is a successful entrepreneur and trained economist kicked off our interview by giving an assessment of the recent Wall Street crash. He noted that everything comes in cycles and that unfortunately people are able to get preyed upon and frightened because they forget pasts tribulations. Paris laid out some of the recent economic downturns including the ones in 1987,the mid 90s and late 90s during the infamous dot com bust.

He explained that times will get worse and we can expect to see further consolidation, more job layoffs and the fall and bankruptcy of bell whether companies. He said the best thing people can do is to be more frugal and hold on to what they got. he explained that a simple act of not buying 5 dollar coffee everyday from Starbucks will move us in the rightdirection. He noted that consumer confidence will have to be increased to help drive the economy.

We also talked about the types of approaches one should take to hold government accountable. Paris is not a big fan of protests especially when we have to run around getting permits and permission to do so. He explained that we have to find ways to make the government afraid of the people. This is a country that only respects and reacts to violence.

Paris also talked about the importance of voting. While he is very clear that voting will not solve our problems, it will give you leverage in a system that you have to engage and oftentimes confront. Political leverage in lots of situations is necessary. He acknowledged that there is no one turnkey solution.

During our interview we talked in great detail about the Presidential campaign of Barack Obama. he says he does not agree with many of Obama’s positions because he comes from an activist progressive orientation.Paris played a key role inCynthia McKinney‘s reelection bid in 2005. He went on to note that in 2008,that politic has not caught on to a point of being electable and henceanother strategy is needed if you wish to win certain races. He feels its impossible for Obama to take certain stances, however there are great differences between him and the Democrats and McCain and the Republicans. He cited the Supreme Court appointments as one key issue to be awareof…

In our interview we set things off by talking about Black-Brown unity and listening to a new song off the ‘Acid Reflex’ album called ‘One Gun’ which addresses this troubling issue.

We also talked about Education as being key to us resolving our problems. His albumwhich drops on Oct 28th will have an education and housing contest attached to it. People purchasing an album with a ‘Golden Ticket’ will win 10 thousand dollars which will go for college or housing.

We ended this interview by talking about why Paris started off connecting the Black Panthers and Nation of Islam and how his travel to Cuba where he met and had dinner with Fidel Castro and Asaata Shakur influenced his life and political outlook

One comment on “Breakdown FM: Paris the Black Panther of Hip Hop Returns w/ Acid Reflux

  1. In these times of mindless, stupid,clowning buffonish neglets and assorted cloned house niggers, Paris continues to be a light of brilliance and a mind constantly alert and aware in a serious way about the conditions and destructive nature of this insane nation. As a much older person I have bought his music and tried to pass it on to younger folks. Unlike alot of the bambozzled fools, who spend hrs talking half ass shit about the Illumninate, Paris has done his home work on so many fronts that hes more then qualified to speak on.I got nothing but respect for this young serious fighter and his art.

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