Breakdown FM: E-40 the Ambassador of the Bay Speaks His Mind

This is classic Breakdown FM interview we did with E-40 a few years ago…He gives a great run down of the Bay Area Hip Hop scene, We also talked to him about his new businesses which include a burger franchise and new nightclub in San Jose..

E-40 also gives some great history on the Bay and the origins of what he calls mob music. He also talks about the challenges of garnering national recognition and the perception of the west coast. he also talks about the art of emceeing, freestyling and recent collaborations.

Click the Links Below to Listen to E-40

E-40 Interview pt1

E-40 Interview pt2

Below are excerpts of the this E-40  interview


E-40 pt1: owning a franchise, opening a new nightclub

E-40 pt2: national recognition, staying ahead of the game

E-40 pt3: origins of mob music, working w/ Lil jon working w/ jive records

E-40 pt4: creativity, slang terms, battling, freestyles, collaborations

E-40 pt5: The Bay Area scene, E-40 new radio show,  perceptions of west coast artists

E-40 pt6: update on e-40 and the family

E-40 pt7: players ball