Suge Knight Hit with a $4.3 Million Judgement

Suge KnightBad news for Suge Knight and his Death Row counterparts. The other day he was slapped with a 4.3 million dollar judgement for defrauding Kurupt‘s former managers. In the suit Lamont and Ken Brumfield stated that Suge Knight had interfered with the contractual and economic relationship they had with Kurupt.

In his explosive book ‘Have Gun Will Travel’ by Ronin Ro, he gives a more detailed account about this early encounter. The way it was described was Suge said ‘yes’ to a lot of the Brumfields early demands and in the same breath had Kurupt appearing on albums doing songs for free.

What was interesting about this whole scenario was that Lamont Brumfield in the book talks about how persuasive Suge was to the point he actually started promoting Death Row in spite of his misgivings and what he perceived as unfair treatment for his artist. The judgement breaks down to Suge having to pay at least 1 million dollars of his own money..

One comment on “Suge Knight Hit with a $4.3 Million Judgement

  1. I wonder how many guys locked up now doing time think of all this big time death row record talk and hype,while sitting in one of these updated prison plantations?

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