The Anti-Nigger Petition

by – Adissa Banjoko
5/24/99 9:46:38 AM
Adisa Banjoko

Adisa Banjoko

Since 1970, when most people believe the subculture of Hip Hop began, there has always been the essence of “the struggle”. As Hip Hop grew to become a global phenomenon, it was the essence of “the struggle” that attracted many people to it. Public Enemy, KRS-ONE, Kam, Poor Righteous Teachers, X -Clan and others served as a catalyst in showing how Hip Hop could be used as a teaching tool for the future young generations. As Hip Hop continues to expand, the essence of “the struggle” has been pushed to the wayside by corporations who have no initial love or respect for the art. For them, the bottom line has become money. And while knowledge and wisdom once ruled Hip Hop, today ignorance and disrespect have taken over. We have no standards as a loosely based community.

Hence, the movement of justice and universal respect within Hip Hop has all but died. To date, no politician has ever lost office because the people within the Hip Hop community voted him/her out. No bills have been passed because the people within Hip Hop decided something MUST be done about this or that situation. No political prisoners have been freed because of Hip Hop rally’s.

It is time for us to take a step my friends. The ANTI-NIGGA MACHINE is a petition that will be delivered to the record companies of America and the world telling them to no longer release music with the words nigga/nigger and bitch in them. This is not a witch hunt. It is a voluntary effort to better the Hip hop community from within. By signing this document you promise to remove the word nigga/nigger, and bitch (basically a feminine version of nigger) out of your vocabulary. As well, you are saying that starting in the year 2000, you will not support record labels or radio stations or print media that celebrates artists who speak like that to our children. We encourage independent and major label owners and artists to sign this document as well. The words nigga/nigger and bitch is disrespectful to all African men and women.

It’s a small step. But by signing this you are stepping forward into the future with a clean slate, a new dignity and a new sense of cultural pride and respect. Lets give the children of the next generation a new level of self-esteem. Regardless of your race if you truly love Hip Hop culture, sign below and lets move into the future together.

Send your signature of approval to The
signatures will be presented to presidents of record companies and media
outlets within 30 days. Please include your name, occupation and age.
Thank you.