Ol’ Dirty Bastard is Really Crazy

Long before Kanye, the late ODB was known for bumrushing stages during award shows. At least ODB said he was doing it for the kids

By now everyone has heard numerous stories about the zanny antics of Wu Tang’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Thus far this year he has done everything from bum-rush the stage of the American Music Awards and proclaim that Wu-Tang was for the kids. He also had to respond to a law suit that claimed he had not paid child support for his 13 kids. ODB made headlines when he was shot in the back this year by armed intruders who stormed his Brooklyn apartment. He stunned the world by walking out the hospital within hours of the shooting. He became the talk of the town days later when he went to a sporting goods store in Richmond Virginia and stole a pair of 50 dollar sneakers. A warrant was issued for his arrest and from what I understand-to this day ODB still has not dealt with the matter. I know he has missed a couple of court dates.

Now, while people were recovering from the whole Virginia incident, ODB made headlines again when his jeep was stolen from in front of his recording studio. ODB also shocked the world when he changed his name to Big Baby Jesus. Needless to say, his non-Christ-like behavior angered a lot of church going folks who don’t like taking the Lord’s name in vein.

ODB found himself making headlines when he saved the lives of some kids who were caught inside a burning vehicle. He also made noise when he got himself arrested not once but twice in LA. First he set it off by booted from the House Of Blues nite club after acting ill while in a drunkin’ stupor. He found the handcuffs being slapped on him when he began threatening the security guards. His most recent LA arrest came when he was found scaling the security fence of an ex girlfriends work place. He had threatened to kill her. Prior to all that, ODB shocked folks over in Germany by standing on the balcony of his hotel butt naked. The list of ODB and his antics is a long one indeed. If memory serves me correctly, he was probably arrested close to 10 times over the past year.

Most folks, reading about ODB may think he’s doing all this for publicity. They may think he’s out trying to get a good laugh. Well last week we at KMEL Radio in San Francisco got a chance to see ODB in action for real. He came along with RZA to sit in on Sway‘s afternoon show. He was reeking with alcohol. They had to bleep out all his comments because he kept using profanities. Lucky for Sway he was wise enough to pre-record all the phone calls from fans so he could edit them before they aired.. ODB was off the hook in the studio.

He later on scared the receptionist by first asking for a hug. She attempted to give him a polite hug at which point he grabbed her and tried to ‘feel her up’. He then demanded her phone number and when she repeatedly refused, he got mad and told her he wasn’t impressed by her. He walked away and came back and again demanded a phone number. The receptionist left the office and did not return until he was escorted out the building. He then upset the receptionist from our neighboring radio station which is housed on the same floor by asking if he and her could make babies.

ODB then took it to another level by pulling out an electric stun gun and loudly proclaimed that he was going to take a dump. At that point he walked into the men’s room and proceeded to live up to his words while at the same time he was loudly singin’ for all to hear about his excremental prowess.

ODB left his mark in the city of San Francisco by allegedly stealing a leather jacket from a local record store and a pair of sun glasses from another locale. He was not caught and apprehended for any of these incidents. To put it simply, ODB is definitely on some different stuff. He for one without a doubt has a serious drinking problem. Hopefully he straightens up before he seriously hurts some one or some one hurts him..

Davey D
c 1998


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