Ole Dirty Bastard Arrested Again

ol dirty bastard

Hip Hop’s most notorious bad boy Ol’ Dirty Bastard has had happened to him what has taken place at least ten times this year.. He was arrested. This all took place last Thursday in Carson, California.

According to authorities, ODB had threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend. When sheriff deputies caught up with him, he was found scaling the security gate to his ex’s job local.What makes ODB’s situation so interesting is the number of times he has been arrested this year.

One would think that he would be locked up considering all the charges that have been levied against him. There are numerous people who get pulled over and are sent away for not paying off a speeding ticket or some other ‘minor’ infraction. With ODB he’s had all sorts of charges ranging from assault to robbery to failure to appear and yet he still manages to get out and get himself rearrested. The other thing that people are speculating on is whether or not all these run ins with the law are publicity stunts..